Care Mist™ - IPL Aftercare

An organic, 100% plant-based mist scientifically formulated to hydrate and soothe skin after an IPL treatment and help stimulate the healing process.


100ml / 3.38 fl oz

  • Repairs the skin barrier
  • Helps even and smooth skin texture
  • Helps nourish the skin and alleviates discomfort
  • Designed for post-IPL treatment

Suitable for all skin types. Vegan. Clean formula. Made in Australia.

Designed to be used on a treated area after using our IPL, our Care Mist has a unique combination of Banksia Flower, Goji Berry Extract, White Mulberry and essential oils, leaving your skin feeling smooth and hydrated.

Apply directly onto a treated skin area after your IPL treatment.
Banksia Flower, Cranberry, Goji Berry Extract, Vitamin B5, White Mulberry, Essential Oils and Scents: Apple, Lemongrass

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