Care Mist™ - IPL Aftercare


The Care Mist™ is designed to be used on treated area after a IPL treatment.

Scientifically Formulated to soften and smooth skin. Rich in antioxidants to help stimulate your skins healing process.


  • Soothes and Hydrates skin after IPL treatment
  • Contains a rich blend of vitamin concentrates that strengthen and repair skin integrity
  • Helps nourish the skin and alleviate discomfort


Our Care Mist™ delivers powerful results THANKS TO its potent blend of active ingredients — Banksia Flower, Cranberry, Goji Berry Extract, Vitamin B5, White Mulberry, Essential Oils and Scents: Apple, Lemongrass

Benefits of Ingredients:

Banksia Flower:

  • Powerful antioxidant, promotes skin health, skin repair


  • High in antioxidants, soothing

Goji berry:

  • Amino acids to improve skin, hydrates and moisturises

White Mulberry:

  • Antioxidant, calming

Vitamin B5:

  • Protects skin barrier and heals, hydrating 


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