✓ Proven safe and effective treatment

✓ Ice - Cooling Technology - For pain free hair removal, and to close open pores.

✓ 2 unique attachments for different body areas - Underarm, Bikini, Body, Face

✓ Expert IPL technology at-home, developed with dermatologist.

✓ Treat both legs in less than 5 minutes

✓ 600,000 flashes and 9 intensity levels

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New: The safest, fastest & most efficient IPL¹

Enjoy smooth and hair free skin in just four weeks with the Dermerén Expert Pro IPL. Treat your unwanted hair on your legs, underarms, arms, bikini line, chest, back and face with the help of best ipl laser hair removal in australia .

Using the latest technology, the device automatically and continuously adapts to your skin tone to ensure optimal balance between efficacy and safety. Multi head attachments allow you to target specific sensitive areas.

Whats in the box?

Dermerén EXPERT- PRO IPL Hair Removal Device
Extra Smooth Razor
Australian Adapter
Protective Eyewear

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