Top 5 Dos and Don’ts of Exfoliation for Skin Barrier Health

Everyone loves the feeling of baby soft skin after a deep exfoliation session. However, many of us have learned the hard way that less is MORE when it comes to shedding those dead skin cells. Does anyone remember the days of apricot scrubs, and massaging your face until you are red and blotchy? That’s what we are trying to prevent!


Exfoliation is your best friend when done correctly. Most importantly, you always want to protect your skin barrier and give your face time to rest. We’re going to break down our top-secret dos and dont’s to keep your skin looking silky smooth and irritation-free.

#1. DO exfoliate for your skin type.

All skin is created equal, but not every skin type needs the same daily TLC. Make sure you understand your skin type: dry, oily, acne-prone, combination, sensitive? Pay attention to what reacts well with your skin, and don’t fall victim to all the beauty trends you see online. Dry skin needs gentle exfoliation, but nothing astringent that will cause more dryness. Oily skin can be exfoliated more frequently but never with too much aggression!

#2. DON’T use harsh physical exfoliants.

On an everyday basis, your cleanser should be gentle and non-irritating. You should leave the shower feeling clean, fresh, and rejuvenated. If your skin feels stripped, this is a no-no! Remember to protect your skin barrier at all costs or more flare-ups are bound to occur. If you want to exfoliate in the shower, use a soothing face wash alongside a silicone face brush like this one from Dermeren. The multiple cleaning modes allow you to customize the experience to your skins needs without over-exfoliating.


#3. DO wear sunscreen after exfoliation.

You might be feeling gorgeous and glowy after an exfoliation session BUT never go outside unprotected. When you shed the top layers of skin, youre exposing sensitive skin to harmful UV rays. Always use a non-comedogenic SPF in the morning even if you arent leaving your house. Those pesky rays have a way of irritating your skin even when you least expect it.

#4. DON’T keep exfoliating if you experience irritation.

A big myth in the skincare community is that irritation is your skins way of adjusting to a new routine. Sometimes this is true with certain active ingredients, however, you should never keep pushing throughif you experience stinging, flaking, or pain post-exfoliation. Stick to one to two times a week and gradually increase your usage with all products/devices. Exfoliation should never compromise your skin barrier so be patient with the process. Consistency is key, too much at once isnt!

#5. DO use gentle microdermabrasion devices.

There are plenty of ways to exfoliate without scrubbing away at your skin. In fact, the alternatives often offer better results and less irritation. The Dermeren Personal Microderm is the dream team for gentle exfoliation and clearing out those clogged pores. Once you apply a soothing facial oil, glide the device over your skin for exfoliation, massage, and extraction all in one. This method of exfoliation is perfect for protecting the skin barrier while revealing fresh, radiant skin post-treatment.


This was just a quick run down of our top five dos and donts for exfoliation! The biggest mistake skincare connoisseurs make is neglecting the skin barrier which gives you side effects instead of results. Were on your team to help you get the skin of your dreams in a safe, effective manner.


Well be back very soon to discuss some more skincare tips and insights. In the meantime, browse the Dermeren selection of skin-first devices and products in your spare time to get your glow-on at home!