At Home Vs Salon Microdermabrasion

As much as we would all LOVE to head to the salon once a week for a major pampering session, time and money constraints often hold us back from Living The Dream. Microdermabrasion is one of those treatments that many women feel may be out of their price range, and after ruling out the salon prices the research comes to a halt.

So what are the differences between home use Vs salon microdermabrasion?

home microdermabrasion australia

There are different levels of microdermabrasion; some can only be administered by a trained nurse or dermatologist, some have to be administered by a trained technician in a spa or clinic, and some are completely safe for home-use.

The basic mechanics of the procedure are always the same, regardless of who is administering the treatment. The treatment device draws the skin to the treatment head with a vacuum-like suction (don't worry, you can barely feel it). The a diamond tip wand are used to buff away the surface cells and create minor abrasions. The skin detects the treatment as an attack and works to replace the lost skin cells in the days following the treatment. This firms up the skin, boosts collagen production, and reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and blemishes.

What about results?

The results are largely very similar for salon and at-home treatments, the difference being that you can take control of your treatment schedule. While many salons and clinics will offer individual treatments or block bookings, an at-home device gives you the complete freedom to decide how frequently you treat your skin – providing you leave 6-7 days between treatments! Some people find they are content with the results after 5-7 treatments while others prefer to simply 'top-up' every few months.


The Personal Microderm by Dermeren has taken the microdermabrasion at home to the next level by adding a camera feature. It comes with a downloadable app which connects to its HD camera so you can see exactly what comes out of your skin, giving you more of an understanding of the concern areas of your skin and also complete satisfaction watching your pores unclog...