5 DIY beauty trends NOT to try while stuck at home

Charcoal Peel-off Masks

You might remember Tiff, the woman who has us in stitches over her YouTube video: Charcoal Face Mask Gone Wrong. While we had a little giggle at Tiff’s all-too-familiar experience, there is a lesson to be learnt here! Charcoal is a known detoxifying ingredient with cleansing properties, but the physical action of removing these peel-off masks can contribute to the tearing of collagen elastin and other fibres, causing micro-trauma to the skin. The charcoal also loses its detoxifying and cleansing properties when combined with glue, meaning the masks can draw out oil and moisture from the skin, potentially leading to a dryer complexion.

Setting makeup with hairspray

Hairspray is fantastic for setting the perfect curl, or keeping wispy hair off your neck or ears, but should it be used to set makeup? NO WAY! Not only does hairspray contain alcohol and other unhealthy ingredients, it can cause skin to become dehydrated and dry. This often results in an irritated, itchy and red complexion as well as leaving your make up with a sticky feeling. Regular use could also lead to breakouts.

Milk of magnesia as a primer

Milk of magnesia is often used for stomach health and as a deodorant, but it has started trending as a makeup primer for oily skin. No matter what skin type you have, using Milk of magnesia on your face is a no-no in our books! Naturally, our skin is slightly acidic and we have an acidic mantle that stops bad bacteria penetrating the skin. Milk of magnesia has a high pH that can damage this acidic mantle, allowing nasty bacteria to get past the skin’s defences and cause acne and dry skin. With the skin unable to shed its dead layers, clogged pores and breakouts can occur and cause further damage skin’s overall integrity.


DIY Sugar Waxing

Sugar waxing is the “old-is-new” way to remove hair with things you already have around the house. It is made from food substances like toffee and aims to remove hair by the root. While this may sound tempting, especially when stuck at home and unable to come in for your laser hair removal appointment, sugar waxing is only effective for specific hair lengths and can cause skin inflammation, bacterial infections and burns on the skin if performed incorrectly.

Topical Lip Plumper

Over the counter lip plumper products contain an irritant that help the lips to swell, giving a pouty appearance. This irritant can also cause itchiness, redness, burning, cracking and peeling of the lips. Not even Kylie Jenner would risk her famous lips with that stuff!